Who do/did your family members look like?

  • which famouses do/did your relatives look like?
    • if blood relatives, would you say that you resemble this relative?
  • if so, do you resemble their celebrity lookalike at all?

i suggested this as a thread for cow but he never posted it so i’m taking it back for myself.

My dad:

I look nothing like Fred Flintstone.

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Both of my brothers looks like James Collins who plays for West Ham. That’s all I’ve got.

dad looks like dustin hoffman and a guy that used to be in emmerdale farm. I look like my dad but don’t look like either of those.

my dad is the spitting image of gordon strachan

The old man would look a touch like Father Christmas if he cut his hair and stopped wearing paisley

My mum gets told she looks like Lulu a lot. I don’t think I look much like Lulu.

Apparently I’m the spitting image of her brother, but I’ve never met him so I don’t know what celebrity he looks like.

Can’t really picture my dad’s face.

My dad was in LA and went to see Tootsie and the ticket salesman wouldn’t let him pay because he thought he was Dustin.

So it goes…

My mum when she was young. She doesn’t look like this now.

My dad looks a bit like Vladimir Putin.

I don’t.

My dad used to be somewhere between these two:

My dad looks like Rafa Benitez, minus facial hair. He gets really angry when we call him Rafa.

My Dad: George W Bush

My dad looks like Harrison Ford, but with massive eyebrows

My grandad is the spitting image of ex-Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf

My dad used to look like Nicolae Ceaușescu before he went grey

Dad = Treguard from Knightmare

Cousin Adam = Jake Busey