Who do went want on HGATR?

Jonathan Van Tam

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Both post-punk band and “difficult” music magazine please.

And this

  • Tune
  • Fashion shoots with David Cameron :thinking:

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I’d be interested to hear what other DiSers think of Spoon. I can never quite make my mind up about them myself. When I’m listening to them I often think they are really great, but when I’m not they just slip out of my consciousness altogether. Are they actually great or are they just a very skilful imitation of what a great band might sound like?


Just leaving this here cause it’s kind of relevant


The B-52’s in a hypothetical universe where someone else did Love Shack

Please stop trying to get Bam annoyed or to say something that will cause arguments in HGATR threads. He’s a fellow member of this community, not someone we wheel out for entertainment. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to tell you this.


Christ. I’m deeply sorry.

The last thing I’d intend to do in the universe was say anything that was laughing at or not taking @bamnan seriously - my last post was meant as a celebration of him for both the great humour and the great intelligence he contributes to these discussions.

However, I now totally get it how these kind of posts can be misinterpreted as slippery and facetious and make other members of the community feel uncomfortable and I promise I won’t post anything else on this topic in this tone again.

My sincere apologies.


Prefab Sprout
Goldie Lookin Chain
Robbie Walliams

Yeah this would be an interesting one (same as the number I would give them)

never be afraid to admit anything! I’m expecting my Spotify to have the top track for this year as Stone Temple Pilots

AC/DC are just one of those bands I’ve never got, and one of the rare bands where there’s not a single song of theirs I’d listen to. With most bands, even the ones I dislike the most, there’s the odd song where I won’t take against it but everything of AC/DC is just not for me

I do like this cover of them though

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I think I might like the Vengaboys, but that’s all you’re getting!

Nick Oliveri, yeah. He’s back in them.now

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Is he? Weird move after all these years. Couldn’t see anything about it

Goes by the name Rex Everything. Hes had some legal issues since being booted from QOTSA but yeah hes in them, saw them a couple of years ago and he was there

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The Damned

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Now there’s a thread that’s got boring.


We’ve not had Lana del Rey yet have we?


Gotta happen soon, right?