Who do went want on HGATR?

Not yet…

There is a way to guarantee you all get the threads you want you know…


If I won I’d be torn between something that might kick right off (e.g. The National), someone I love but who would probably not do very well (e.g. New Order, Wilco) and someone who might generate some good, positive discussion (I guess Joanna Newsom, The Fall maybe).

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We’ve had The National if that helps!

I’d like to throw in another request for The Replacements pls x


I think New Order particularly would do really well.



New Order would be an immense HGATR.


Missed that one! 689 posts. Might save it for a quiet day.

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not sure about positive discussion. Think it would be 50% swooning adoration and 50% “I hate her voice; she sounds like Marge Simpson”.

Can’t really remember much about it tbh, don’t think it was particularly contentious.

Really? Interesting. I’d assumed it would be a lot of not as good as Joy Division, not released anything decent in the last 30 years, Blue Monday’s shit, etc. Cannot imagine they’d crack 4.00 and I’d be happy with 3.50. I mean obviously they’re a 5, but…


Yeah, maybe. People, eh?

Just realised I’d love to have an Elbow HGATR thread.

I know people think they’re boring and it’d go much like The National thread with dickheads calling it boring music for accountants just because they’re not into the band, while exposing nothing but their own ignorance [coughs awkwardly: no you don’t need to read The National thread to see which users were doing that], but I think they’re quietly one of my absolute favourite bands out there, and it would be lovely to have a chat about them.

Lots of great songs, many of which people probably haven’t heard, GBoL in real life, and kinda weirdly under-rated. Guaranteed 3.52 average.


My predictions are terrible but people who like them really like them and I reckon you’d get a lot of abstains from people who don’t know them that well - I reckon they’d beat 4.

When it comes to rating bands we are nothing if not a bunch of unpredictable dickheads.

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Would absolutely abstain on Joanna Newsom, as (A) her music isn’t on Spotify, and (B) I know it’s absolutely the kind of thing I could absolutely love, but have never really given time.

Might give her a 4 though, just for doing an MGMT video where her infant child is terrified by monsters.

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Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

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They’ve got a good few bangers.


Have a bit of a soft spot for them tbh.

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