Who do you currently like the most?

Jealousy doesn’t suit you, @robluvsnic Respected users ONLY

fantastically low amount of likes

“Antpocalypsenow - 2” – like I said, anyone.

superb self-control.

i think he’s maybe just doing it for badness

wow, high praise indeed

next you’ll be rolling out the blanket you had while you were in scouts and giving me the history to each of the 164 badges you’ve got sewn on it.

He’s created over 1500 posts. That’s a 0.13% good/bad ratio.

I’ve received 69 and given out 19. Time to go on a liking spree!

Fucking hell, what’s your fucking problem, dickhead?

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hurr hurr

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And to think I’ve liked you seven times!

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Set that one up didn’t ?!

There you go, there’s one to even things up a bit :slightly_smiling_face:

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see, marckee? you happy being visibly appreciative of such an abusive character?

BA Joint Honours Cultural Criticism (ft Dr Neil Badmington) Crew represent :wave:

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oi! leave him alone champ

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I’ve liked eric 6 times, which is 3 times more than the next people - _Em, shrewbie and h_y_g. hmm

I’ve given 21 likes, everyone else I’ve liked once

I’m not really into likes. ^thises were much better

tight cunt







as you can see, I like a lot of stuff people say

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