Who do you fancy?


thread for discussing who we fancy


scarlett johansson


anyone who is nice to me




Rose Byrne


don’t think I have any crushes


What about Emile?


known him since he was 5 weeks old grosssss


You got to admit he is handsome and suave though, and one of your true loves.




Anita Rani 4eva IDST

Still thinking a lot about how absurdly handsome Alec Secareanu from God’s Own Country is as well


Think i fancy @laelfy


yeah I imagine he’s gonna get a lot of attention in the new neighbourhood. the French accent as well…


hope you cleared this with them before posting this here!


:slight_smile:️ right back at cha


Anyone who can make me Mexican food RIGHT now


Literally the best person
-very funny
-exceptionally kind
-devout goth




Still kind of down that I might never see her again. I keep doing that thing where I imagine conversations and feel all dumb and miserable afterwards.

There’s a fairly miniscule change I might see her again.

And there’s other fish in the sea… you know, if I get really lonely and decide “yeah, let’s try to establish a meaningful relationship with a kindly haddock”.


Well if you will move a handsome and hairy Belgian into your house, it will set the neighbours swooning.