Who do you hope returns for festival season 2019?



Tom Waits at Glastonbury for me… what about you?

On Monday from 4-6pm, Danielle Perry and I are compiling a selection of tunes for Emily Eavis and other promoters. Be curious who you’d love to see and where. Tune in on sohoradiolondon.com or via TuneIn on your “connected devices”.

DiS back on the radio on Monday

Here’s a selection of previous shows

Mixtape for Björk

Mixtape for David Lynch

Mixtape for St. Vincent

Mixtape for Hayley from Paramore

Jazz Special

Meltdown festival special


I miss the days where you couldn’t see a festival line up without Fugazi on there, so I hope they reform to headline V Festival




Portishead. Always Portishead…


Daft Punk


Miss doves so much so would love this too.

The Cure just because I missed Hyde Park.


Remember when they joined wayne in zorbing balls for the flips set at truck? Mad that.


Robert Smith has dropped a few clues that they might be celebrating the anniversary of Disintergration. Can you imagine how amazing that would be as a Glastonbury headline set?!


Feel like pure shit just want Barry Hogan back


The Smiths, but fronted by Sadiq Khan


But under the pseudonym Johnny Mayor.


Mayorrissey. Either or really.


Would be amazing yes!


Really got my fingers crossed for a Foo Fighters, Muse or Green Day Reading headline set


Drive like jehu
Public enemy




Jeff Buckley


:man_shrugging: As long as a band does a proper tour after festival season I don’t mind. Hate seeing a band announce a European tour and it’s just festivals.


Guess it depends what Nick Cave is up to but Dirty Three pls