Who do you know who has a chest freezer?

I can only think of my Aunt Ingrid and Dave’s parents (Brian and Sue).

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Grandparents have one, and I will own one when I own a house.

the coopers who used to live across the road
was really jealous of how much ice cream they ate

Trev and Linda, my mate Dan’s parents.

My parents have one. It’s a double length one and it’s full of frozen fruit and bread.

Are brian and sue the parents of aunt Ingrid and dave, or are dave and aunt unconnected?

My mum. In the garage.

Aunt and Dave: the new ant and dec

sub-thread: who do you know who has two fridges?

My grandma is the only answer to both of these questions for me

they’re only really for storing road kill and dead bodies aren’t they?

My dad and step-mum have a chest freezer - they always have enough food stockpiled to survive a nuclear winter/zombie apocalypse. And to answer this…

…them also - chest freezer in the utility room and regular freezer in the kitchen. They used to have ANOTHER chest freezer in the garage :open_mouth:

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Used to have one in a shared house when I was at university. We put a throw over it and used it as a TV stand.

Chest freezer - best freezer

Unconnected. They have never met although Dave will have seen Ingrid at my wedding.

My mum has a brace of fridges. And so does Michael.

The Lutas family did back in the 90s.

Lovely utilisation/maximisation of space. Should be standard really.

I’m a two-fridge-freezer-er

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My parents did have one but i’m not sure they have one any more.

I’ll jack your arse like a Lutas in a riot