Who do you know who has a chest freezer?

I beg your pardon?

A boy at school had one in the garage. Was loaded with ice cream wafer things that they got after complaining about finding a bit of metal in one.

My Nana has three fridges but one of them’s broken so she uses it for biscuits


My parents used to have one. Was a sad day when they ‘downgraded’

Neighbours used to have one in their garage.

Same here.

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actually had one at university as well, the end of the year there were a lot of miscellaneous peices of meat that had fallen to the bottom that we cooked into one massive, disgusting meal

my mum. cause of the one in the garage

What happened to your Cypress Hill education growing up?

Parents. Loads of my relatives. Chest freezer is a big thing in some se asian communities. My parents one is full of samosas.

this post is chilling.

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this kid i knew, think he was called ryan and his mum was called sue or something.

my mum’s is full of bagged up single serving portions of minced beef, frozen bread and vienetta for christmas.


just got reminded of my friend’s mum’s chest freezer which wasn’t even indoors just outside in the driveway and it was full of christmas cake


@pinkybrain has fucking millions


I do

Did you get any joy of movement?

they may seem extravagant but you could buy 62 chest freezers for the same price as an £8000 wardrobe


“What the fuck did you buy all those for?”

“chillin” :sunglasses:

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My mum and dad have one.