Who do you like at the minute?

Just say some people you like if you want, you can say why if you like but don’t feel pressured to. This is a very relaxed thread.

u :hugging:

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Gee whiz! Thanks mister! Boy oh boy! What a day!




It’s just gonna be a cyclist so dw.

I LIKE… YOU ~points at DiSer~

Really in to my work pals at the moment. I’m lucky to have such lovely people around me :heart:


Your Irish fella from Line of Duty.
Jon Hamm
Arthur Masuaku
Gemma Arterton

Gillian Jacobs, old Jamiroquai, a girl I used to have a thing with at an old job, a girl I currently work with but is in a far, far higher league, Gini Wijnaldum, Richard Ayoade, Twirls, bagels, Lemon Fanta, Soulwax, Samurai Jack.

I can’t imagine this world.

These are genuinely lovely posts that I am happy to read.

I was really looking for stuff along the lines of “Dead into Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter at the minute” or “I liked Charlie from USA Masterchef’s voice until they eliminated him” and stuff along those lines

Imogen Poots.

I sat through part of a Zac Efron romcom just so I could see her turn up.

(Who am I kidding, I wanted to watch it anyway).

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Tom Hardy catching that moped thief. Is there anything that pengest of blokes can’t do?

Gary Lineker


I also really like all of the people in my brass band. Lovely folk. There was one guy (solo euph) I didn’t really like as much as the rest, but he left, and we replaced him with one of my mates from another band!

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What instrument do you play?

In my brass band - drums. Well, I’m ‘principle percussionist’.

So kit because it’s fun.

The dog’s name is Jake.

Do you get to fucking smash those massive cymbals into each other? Looks like a laugh that

I love him

He’s probably not as good at bass as his pal Julie, but I don’t know, I haven’t heard him.