Who do you normally tip?

Normally only tip - waiting staff in restaurants, bar staff and taxi drivers.

It occurred to me recently that the Evri courier is at our door at the minute 2 and 3 times a week and wondered if we should also tip her? I watched “Sorry we missed you” a few years back and it’s seared into my mind how badly paid and shit a job that can be.

Are there any other people you tip as a matter of course?

Takeaway delivery drivers, Barbers (depending on price and quality and if I’m paying cash) and the ones in the OP

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Always chuck something in the charity pot if I’m paying cash at a cornershop but that’s incredibly rare these days

Almost always order via an app and hardly ever have cash lying around the house so completely forgot about this one. If I had cash would always tip takeaway delivery drivers too.

Depends on the service in a restaurant, always forget on uber and uber eats/deliveroo don’t tip my barber as i know him and it feels weird but i do buy him pints when i see him out, will buy bar staff a drink if i’m in there for a bit.
Think i’m actually quite tight when it comes to tipping.

Can’t tip delivery drivers as deliveries go to my buildings reception, don’t tip the receptionists as they’re hopeless

Evri delivery guy gets £10 at xmas as he’s such a good egg and he’s been coming for years and i remember when he had covid they woildnt give him any sick pay.

Not really tipping but usually give a big issue guy £10 every payday.

Restaurants but not always.

Make a box of homemade choc and pistachio truffles for Manny in the Co-op every xmas. Probably would rather i gave him the cost of them i guess but they’re really good.

Takeaway delivery folk (as long as I’ve got cash or there’s a way to do it through the app)


Taxi drivers if they aren’t a complete danger on the roads (very rarely then lol)

Leave a tenner out for the milkman at Xmas

Might give the postman a contribution to his personal strike fund this year actually

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Dealing the bar staff in on your first round in a busy place is just a sensible investment imo, get fast service for the rest of the night

Yeah, meant if i’m gonna be in there for a bit not the last one of the night

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Normally the last one of the night aswell but just because I’m pissed. Think I got the barman a mezcal marg in wax

With them i swap discount for shots back for them :smiley:

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These sound absolutely tremendous to be fair.

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Takeaway delivery folk if I’m paying cash, taxi drivers (depends, Glasgow taxis are a fucking state just now so really depends on the service), my barber, restaurants obv. Think that’s it really. I’m tipping less now though because I can’t really afford it.

Taxi’s (sometimes), takeaway delivery drivers, restaurants, coffee shops (when they have a tip jar).

Think were going to get Lynda, our Evri delivery lady a present this year as shes wonderful!

Taxi drivers if they aren’t racist

Sometimes takeaway delivery but not always

Think that’s it


Restaurants and delivery drivers. I have no hair and so no tip for the barbers anymore.

My usual café was the The Camden Coffee House (at Camden, there’s other branches). I used to pay by card and they didn’t do a tip thing by card and they just had a saucer for tips. I used a put a load of notes that I approximated to be a year’s worth of tips into a Christmas card for them each year. Sadly that place never reopened after covid. Loved the staff there and my favourite window seat.

Uber Eats at least gives you the ability to add a tip before or up to an hour after delivery iirc

so as long as it doesn’t arrive way late/cold, I nearly always add a few quid plus a 5 star review once the order has made it to my hands

All of the above (waiting staff, takeaway deliveries, taxis, cut my own hair so don’t tip myself…currently) but with the addition of tradespeople. The joy of doing up a wrecked old house, but if someone has done a decent job then I’ll usually give them £20 to £50 on top of the job price because keeping good tradespeople on side is like gold dust. As a result, have had folk do little odd jobs (re-hanging doors, cutting bits of wood, little bits of rendering) for ‘free’ that take them almost no time as they are pros but would take me ages and I would almost certainly fuck up…

I was quite surprised when I ordered Deliveroo the other week it prompted me with a push notification saying 11% of people in the area tip, which is so low. Do prefer doing it outside the app but rarely have cash to do so.

Just Eat don’t do tipping. Not fair for the drivers.

I hope they get more of the share of the money from each order but that sounds like wishful thinking on my part.

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