Who do you reckon has the best life?

I reckon it’s someone like Steve mcmanaman. Retired from day job by 35 set for life, spend rest of days doing literally whatever you want, only work if you feel like it. Recognisable enough to get VIP treatment in places but not too famous that privacy is impossible.

Any advance on Steve mcmanaman?

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I dunno but I don’t think it’s Steve, at least it’s not the life I’d be interested in

One of the other ones off of Coldplay. Doing what you (presumably) love, getting fuckloads of money for it, literally nobody on the planet can identify you so you can live your life and enjoy your wealth in peace.



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I believe the correct answer to be Steve McManaman.

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paulo maldini. he gets to walk around being paulo maldini, knowing that he is paulo maldini


Have to spend a lot of time with Chris Martin from Coldplay.


But they have to spend their time with Chris Martin and a&r men and stuff, no doubt they have it cushy but I bet they still get really peeved at stuff quite a bit.

If it was a choice of being in a sop-rock band I’d rather snow patrol, i reckon lightbody is good fun.


Mate, Steve McManaman has to spend time with Michael fucking Owen!

Not really. They’re not on tour buses and shit.

I reckon Chris Martin has his own tour bus

Not if he doesn’t want to!
Maybe they are great mates.

I believe he’s contractually obliged to appear on TV with him for BT Sport on occasion

Yeah but he could sack that off and not do it just as easily as doing it so he must like it.

Larry David. I imagine his real life is the same as on Curb and all he does each day is a minor errand, get into a bit of bother and then go back to whatever big house he has that month.

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I think I’ve said this before, but cricketers. Whole thing is a joke. All games are ‘played’ in incredible holiday destinations - Caribbean, Indian subcontinent, Australia, and by playing, I am ofc referring to standing around a field for hours. They have tea breaks ffs. The games are referred to as ‘tours’ ffs.


probably shia lebeouf (sp). is probably rich as all hell and has absolutely zero self-awareness, just walks around doing what he wants all the time.

Yeah. Think cricketer is my dream job. Just follow the sun don’t you.

Definitely someone who invented an app then sold it for millions. No-one knows who you are, no-one cares who you are, and you’re loaded. Fair play.