Who do you reckon the fastest DiSer is over say, 100m?


I think it’s probably… @tricklenipple


Reckon I’m in with a shot here.


did 13 seconds in school. I’m a big lumbering stuff idiot now tho mate.

cheers for thinking of me.


Does Usain Bolt still post here?


Should’ve probably stayed longer than 13 seconds then, divvo!


this is a hostile work environment



Absolutely not me. Very slow sprinter. Also once got disqualified from the hurdles on sports day for going round one of the obstacles.


My physio told me I had sprinters thighs and assumed I was a fast sprinter. He was incorrect


Reckon @Ruffers has that lean hungry look of a man who could sprint fast


On a good day 100m is no bother
Problem is I barely ever have any good days


Who’s got the EPO/steroids/testosterone?


I was a fucking great sprinter in school. That was 18 (?!?!?) years ago - I’ve put on quite a bit of weight since then, smoked a lot, not done much exercise and I’ve got a bit of gout in my right big toe, but I expect I’ll still be every bit as good.


Is there a veterans category?


I did 12.5s on a proper track when I was at school, before I tore the ligaments in my ankle.

I’d be a fair bit off that now.

From playing DiS football, I’d say that @mattshaped would certainly be up there.


Did ~13 and was in district at school level. I was the shortest in there by about a foot, and it was almost comedic when I was standing next to these toned athletic specimen of men and I was there looking like a blob of pasty play-do.

Still came 3rd. Fuck 'em.


Genuinely can’t remember who was the quickest anymore. Was always hungover anyway.
Oh no it was Jem wasn’t it.


There was a lad who played on the wing last time I came who was quick, scored 4 iirc. Not sure he posts here though think he might be someone’s mate


Was also around 12.5s at school and sprinted in borough sports and things. on a football pitch i can be defined as ‘faster than i look’ but it takes a while for me to get going.


Always annoying when the best players aren’t actually bedwetters