Who do you reckon the fastest DiSer is over say, 100m?


– Steve Jobs


@plasticniki as she will be on her bike

@elthamsmateowen, as he’d be speeding in his Audi.

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Faster bike wankers here than me. However I might be faster over 100m after, say, a 200km bike ride than anyone.

No vehicles allowed obviously

I’m probably heavier than nearly everyone so could fall 100m quicker than anyone. Can someone run the physics through Theo on this one please?

my money’s on @Aggpass

Aggpass is a functional but unremarkable sprinter iirc

Sub-kik betting, this

But a ton of feathers weighs the same as a ton of bricks

First 5 yards are in the head

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He’s muscular and compact, like a tin of corned beef

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don’t be silly mate, feathers are lighter

you gonna take this @aggpass?

Going with @Kallgeese, he looks lithe.

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geesey is far too chilled

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I’ve lost a stone and a half since I last saw el, tbf

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Would definitely smash a lot of you in a 100m if I got warmed up right. More of a long distance runner though.


I used to be pretty great at long distance running before I gave my lungs and other organs to Satan
Did a few county runs as a youth there, but found it boring and the people who also ran even more boring.