Who do you think has spoken to the most people?

Face to face. Someone like the queen or someone who has been working on the turnstiles at Disneyland since 1955? Passport control?

My mum when I got accepted to Oxford


Speaking clock

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I guess a clock does have a… FACE

The man outside the Jsne Austen Centre in Bath who’s dressed up in period costume and is the most photographed man in Europe.

Transport system announcer.

More than 30 million calls a year apparently, the topic of conversation is somewhat limited however.

Look Zorb and Chadders too, these are not face to face chats are they?

My word!

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mick jagger

Sorry, got too excited and didn’t read the blurb.

Like I actually read the OP in full before blundering in with a comment.



Have they spoken to you? No. Me neither.

Not with that attitude.

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Do frontpeople in popular bands count, like especially between songs when they just “have a chat” with thousands of people and then go WELL THIS IS OUR NEW ONE YEAH

No it has to be on a one to one basis. Well maybe not one to one. Maybe one to four or five. Basically anything which will mean that my Disneyland turnstile worker is the winner.

Reckon your average city based Maccy D employee sees more people in numbers than a Disneyland person

Yeah but a lot of them could be repeat customers was my thinking but I guess a lot will be tourists enjoying our fine cuisine.

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What about someone who has done a lifelong shift on the Severn bridge toll booths

a switchboard operator?