Who do you think the best table tennis player on DiS is?

If you believe YOU should take the title, please make your case in this thread,

Reckon it’s exactly the sort of pointless thing that @eems is probably really good at


I’m pretty handy but would not call myself the best.

Just abandoned my post suggesting @eems when yours popped up

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I have played table tennis a few times, mainly in campsites as a child. I would consider myself “not very good”.

Hope that helps.

I’m a similar boat. I think I could give most people a run for their money, but doubtless someone here was a teenage county champion or something and would absolutely merk me.

I played some Essex league tischtennis in my teenage years. So I reckon it’s me

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Here he is.

Definitely @eems. That’s why his van is high roofed, so he has a table at his disposal at all times.


@eems would smash the fuck out of you

I’ve been to Bounce 2 (two) times and played on their Olympic table.

Probably @senorpingpong


Sorry, misspelled ‘smee’

Makes sense doesn’t it, one of those things where nearly everybody is about the same level of ability because nobody really cares enough to get good at it but then every now and then there will be someone who is inexplicably good at it and it’s kind of not impressive and a bit annoying.

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heh, was actually going to say @meths

dunno if he counts


Of course he does!

Enough about climbing though mate!

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How good are you at ping pong on a scale of 1-7 where 7 is lowest and 0 is olympian level?

  • 7
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
  • 0
  • Have never played
  • Would rather keep that information to myself

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If you rate yourself at a half value, please round down.

I have been to Bounce once and got really irked that everyone else in the party was shit and could barely even return it.