Who do you think the most trusted person in Britain is?

I think it’s either Gary Linekar or Phil Schofield, they could say literally anything and would be listened to and trusted.

Yeah, it’s Schofe.

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its gonna be David Attenborough isnt it


find Schofield a bit creepy tbh.

Poor man’s Andrew Castle

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Castle is a proper sexist creep, friend

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Jeremy Cor…hahahaha

aye I know, his game show was good though

Do you think it was Adrien Chiles before he was on ITV?


nah he was always a bellend

Probably Dec from Ant and Dec

Michele Obama


I thought Ant was the chosen one and Dec was his annoying imp framing

Ant is a filthy lowlife addict scumbag now, friend

Toss the coin friendo


This is a great call. I was going to go with Stephen Hawking, but Attenborough probably trumps him.

Who the fuck put this in rubbish?
@1101010 So help me if you rubbish me I will rubbish you!!

Jacob rees mogg or dave benson-phillips

@hip_young_gunslinger to thread

I think TKC is probably correct.