Who do you think the most trusted person in Britain is?


Nothing to do with me. Maybe you muffled your fingers and you set it to that accidentally.

I’m not saying it should be right, but David Attenborough is obviously respected and trusted by a broad swathe of people.

I’ve got my eye on you! Both of them!!

I’d believe literally anything said by Trevor MacDonald, fwiw

Craig from coronation street


That’s probably why you accidentally put it in Rubbish, then. Concentrate on looking at what you type.

Simon Rimmer

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Until we become a cashless society, it might be Victoria Cleland.

John Curtice perhaps. No-one fucks with that guy.

Or Delia Smith perhaps.

“I’m cooking this, it’s a Delia recipe”

^ Whenever anyone says that you know you’re in the safest possible hands.

Surely it’s Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert.

Closely followed by Gio Compario.


Mary Beard

Just posting to keep this thread

Could be Mary Berry. I bet more people watched GBBO than one of Attenborough’s efforts and she seems nice. I’d trust her.

Craig from Big Brother

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