Who do you trust most for music reviews?

Not sure if this has been done before, but where do folks go for music reviews you trust? Right now, The Quietus’ regular Spool’s Out and Columnus Metallicus columns never let me down - I find two or three keepers in each most months. I’ll always fall for a suitably hyperbolic Boomkat review as well, and the Bandcamp Daily popups I get on Facebook often guide me to gold. I still check P4K daily out of habit more than anything else, but today’s “Great Summer Music You’ve Missed” column led me to Sumac and Daniel Bachman records that sound grand. Over to youse! :slight_smile:

Check p4k to see what has been released. Largely use on here to see what is big with regular music fans. Sometimes check r/hiphopheads to see whats going on there. Used to use the 4chan music board but i grew up and realised it was SUPER right wing and horrible

You know, it’s weird, but I almost never read reviews anymore. I don’t see the point of it so much…with music subscription services like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, you tube in general, it’s pretty easy to figure out on your own, since it’s so easy to explore the music without plunking down money at the record store just hoping you will like it. Those days are kind of gone…so I don’t need the clever writer helping me decide if I should buy something or not. I feel getting the opinions of well exposed friends and music fans in settings like this is actually more helpful. I use music sites like Pitchfork and Stereogum and whatnot just to basically see names and what’s coming out. Very rarely care about the reviews or scores anymore I will decide for myself. I think it’s also worth noting some of these streaming services have gotten really good at suggesting stuff to me too, probably due to heavy use and giving them lots of data, so I stumble on to stuff more than ever before too.


P4K, Quietus, Loud & Quiet, Norman Records and quite frankly mostly you guys on this forum.

Yeah, check that a few other places to see whats out and then just have a skim through on Spotify or wherever. Between that and a couple of radio shows I have more music than I can realistically listen to in any given month.

Don’t ever read reviews, but do enjoy the longer form stuff Pitchfork have been doing for older albums.


Don’t tend to read reviews, there’s a handful of DiS-ers whose taste seem pretty aligned to mine though so tend to look out for their recommendations.

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Tend to find/listen to stuff by:

Bands/side projects I know I will enjoy.
Stuff you good folks talk about.
Anydecentmusic - only kind of review thing I check as it gives a decent overview.
I know it’s shit for artists money-wise but Spotify and thats pretty good for checking stuff out on a whim.

I use the reviews on www.drownedinsound.com




the emo thread on here

@Severed799 my brothers, x 3 of my ATDs

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And goldflakepaint


Gonna take this glowing endorsement to say check out new Fucked Up and Adrianne Lenker albums today my dudes :sunglasses:

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I’m calling bullshit on this.

Was gonna be checking out Fucked Up anyway and will now certainly check out the Lenker record :+1:

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My mates saying “you’ll like this”. Sometimes they are wrong


I don’t read many reviews anymore – generally just flick through Rough Trade/Resident/Boomkat/Bleep to see what’s out and have a listen for myself on Spotify.

It’s fantastic that the ‘review monopoly’ that Pitchfork had has now been erased and people seem pretty happy to make their own minds up nowadays and use reviews more as a guage of curiosity. Plenty of albums lived or died by a positive/negative P4K review back around its peak a few years ago and it was totally damaging to the industry I think.

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Loud and Quiet, and Line of Best Fit.

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