Who do you trust most for music reviews?

Sorry/thanks! Issue 2 will be out in January (touch wood). I’ll post on here when the pre-order is up :slight_smile:


Maybe not in absolute terms but they’re definitely less useful or necessary than ever before.

For me it’s especially a personal thing where there’s no publication or even writer I’d especially trust to “be right” or provide recommendations I’d like


Have passed on your kind words to supercool Louise who writes Columnus Metallicus - I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. (for @Ella_Megablast)

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Pitchfork, consequence of sound, all music, udiscovermusic mainly. for internet services. Also being from the States, I like to buy the English magazines monthly at Barnes and Noble Q, NME, Mojo, Kerrang, Uncut. You guys know whats going on with your monthly music magazine publications. American mags just absolutely god awful.

It’s odd, because yes, it’s trivial to check out music nowadays without reviews, other folks’ opinions and the like. Nevertheless, because there’s so much music being released and rereleased nowadays, I hugely value the opinions of reviewers I trust. I still buy albums without ever hearing a note thanks to said reviews, and I rarely end up getting a dud. Then we get into the wonderful world of “other buyers bought/recommend this”, which can be really invaluable away from Amazon Digital and iTunes. I should have also mentioned forums like DiS and one or two others I frequent - a good word from a poster sharing my tastes rarely goes wrong!

Thank you! Louises’ work is fantastic - that column is an utter goldmine every month. I’d have no idea where to look for my black, doom & stoner metal needs without it :slight_smile: