Who do your parents fancy?


I remember my dad having a thing for Carol Voderman which is a bit troubling. His current crush is Saga in The Bridge.

My Mum fancies Roger Black.

How about your parents? (Keep it clean/friendly)


My dad fancies Anna Friel and my mum fancies Daniel Craig, she used to fancy Johnny Wilkinson.

Talk to you soon


My mum also fancies Mark Foster


My Mum fancied Ray Wilkins back in the day and I used to tease her that she still fancied current-era Ray Wilkins (until he died recently. RIP Ray Wilkins)


Later, in therapy…

“So jont2001, tell me how your week has been.”

“Oh you know, same old same old. Went to work, asked a bunch of strangers on the internet who their parents fancied and told them how my dad has a thing for Carol Vorderman and that my mum fancies Roger Black, caught up with some mates at the pub. That sort of thing.”


my parents don’t talk about this sort of thing so I have no idea


Mum - Richard Gere
Dad - Grace Jones


that’s a classic mum-fancy that. sean bean, too.


It was the uniform in Officer And A Gentleman. I think she would’ve been horrifies if she knew he had his cock out in Breathless


My dad has always had a thing for Gina McKee.

Not sure about my mum, she used to have a David Essex poster when she was a teenager though.


Mum’s is James Dean Bradfield. Listen to the Manics a fair bit so try not to dwell on this


no fucking idea. do not want to know.


My mum fancies Rufus Sewell - she dragged my dad to watch that piece of trash Hercules movie with Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson because ol’ Swewlly is in it.

He is pretty dishy though tbh tbf


The Rock Hercules film is pretty decent tbf, worth a watch on Netflix. Came out in the same year as another Hercules film starring Kellan Lutz, which is way, way worse.



Really? I do love a bit of Rocky Johnson, but thought the movie looked baddd.

‘Peice of Trash’ was my dads review, although he does pretty much exclusively watch old school westerns


Mum: Tom Jones
Dad: Angela Rippon


Don’t know about my mam, she doesn’t talk about that kind of thing.

My dad had a thing for Jet out of the Gladiators.


It’s a decent popcorn flick. Undermines the idea of Hercules as a legendary figure, so it has kind of post-modern, meta vibes. And the Rock is the Rock.


Shaka Hislop for both.