Who do your parents fancy?



if they were the type of people who talked about this then my childhood would have been completely different


My Mum’s totally up to date and fancies that dancing Tom Chambers guy off of Casualty.

My Dad’s fancied Felicity Kendall since 1975.

My Dad has expressed a fondness for Sigourney Weaver in the Alien films :smiley: and my Mum loves a man who loves his food or can cook, particularly if they are Italian. She also loved Robert Redford when she was growing up.

My mum fancied Adam Faith and Ringo. My dad would have never spoken of such things.

My mum fancied Rock Hudson. It must annoy my dad up the wrong way a bit.

Mam has always fancied Jose Mourinho. No idea why.

Dad has never uttered a preference for any woman other than Mam, which is quite sweet.



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Think dad crushes on some country and western babes - Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Dixie Chicks. Not sure about mum.

My grandpa has a long-standing admiration for Charlie Dimmock. He has a racy calendar of her from about 15/20 years ago which he still has up.


there was a real Dimmock fever that took hold back then


My mum used to fancy Eric Cantona. Now it’s Michael Ball I think.
My dad always has a thing for someone on the local news.

Not too sure now.

My mum used to like Steve Marriott from the Small Faces, and my dad used to like Kate Bush (typical).

My mum sometimes asks why Sankha Guha isn’t on telly much these days, in a slightly wistful way.

Find the whole thing immeasurably grim.

But then I don’t want to hear about who my partners fancy either.

Just don’t get it.

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Mum: Roger Federer, which is a bit weird because he’s younger than me.
Dad: No idea. Shania Twain was a thing for a bit.

Dad loves a bit of Fiona Bruce
Mum’s got the hots for Gareth the choir man

whats got two thumbs and is fancied by ALL your mums ?

:+1: THIS GUY!!! :+1:


‘Mam has always fancied Jose Mourinho. No idea why’


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If you tolerate this your children will be next

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  • Colin Firth, but not so much lately.
  • Yer man from Poldark who was in the Hobbit.
  • Always used to have something for some Irish actor whose name will come back to me shortly (probably mid 30s, likes a beer)


  • Lara Croft