Who has bought into the hygge hyppe, then?



every radio show, every website, every newspaper, every magazine is talking about ‘hygge’ again, and more than ever.

multiple books have been published recently to take advantage of the looming autumn.

i’m aware that the happiness institute are independent, but i’m starting to think this whole thing has been orchestrated by the danish tourism board.

hygge or hygg-no?
do you love autum?


or alternatively, just post things that make you think of autumn (e.g. gilmore girls)


is this thread about @aboynamedgoo ?


There was an article on the bbc a few months ago about it which brought it to my attention (this isn’t as marckee as it sounds) and so i thought that it must a trend at its peak but no, it’s everywhere these days.


Mrs CCB buys this magazine called The Simple Things. (I think DiS would absolutely rip it to shreds). They’re big on hygge in that.

The principle seems sound enough, though.


And in answer to your question: I love autumn until roughly when the clocks go back.


I have never heard of ‘hygge’ before.




is this where people start calling us liars?


you mean h_y_g?


Absolutely not.


also, theo, how are you saying it?

i’m going with “high gee”


I thought ‘heyeugg’ might cover it?


You forget that penoid, like marckee, is aware of all trends before they’ve even become trends.

Hygge is like this Scandi concept of comfort, it’s being tacked on to loads of shit as a hot new trend.


the first I usually hear about trends is someone on DiS declaring said trend to be over


I think it’s hoo-guh (with the oo sound to rhyme with book)


Is this the new Hamilton?


Yes! (I still love Hamilton though).


alright, John Fashanu