Who has gone the longest without a mammal (non-human) seeing their genitals?

I reckon a good 20 years since my dog saw my willy. If any others have I don’t know about it but might be some watching on the ol garden pissing circuit.

Or what’s the largest mammal that has seen your genitals? I’m interested in both.

Anyone shown to a whale?

Been at least a week

I guess I have seen a lot more animal genitals than the other way round. How about you?

I 1st got my cats about 14 years ago, so I went about 29 years with no mammals getting an eyeful


I’m looking forward to exposing myself when I finally get some kittens. It has been too long.

the cat will have seen mine this morning

Jessica is obsessed with bothering me when I’m getting dressed. If she hears me opening a drawer in the bedroom she races in, jumps on the bed and headbutts me on the back of my legs until I pick her up and give her a cuddle. I’m often naked when this happens

Reckon it would have to have been pretty much on top of you revenant style!!!

32 years old, she is

my cat Jessica - that’s her in my profile picture

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Nice try narc

How about an amphibian?

I reckon not since I was maybe five or so.

named by my daughter - there was a black cat called Jessica in one of her books

Moonlight was named by my other daughter - also named after a fictional black cat


Had a cat called Jeff once :smiley_cat:

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Show him your nob?

Gf’s dog is called Barry


yeah, almost certainly.

I de-pant before heading to the shower, lonzi. (unless we have guests, obvs)

I don’t know whether a mammal has ever seen my genitals. I suppose one must have when I have been taking an al fresco piss at some point, but couldn’t say for sure.