Who has the best lunch today and who has the worst?

Folks, for once in my life, I think I’m a winner.
My lunch today is plain crudités. No hummus just sliced raw carrot, cucumber and pepper.

  • You’re a winner, gnomey!
  • My boring lunch is worse

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i take it you mean winner of the ‘worst’ category


Yeah, absolutely.

@meowington you must back up your claim to the throne of Crappy Lunch Queen.

mine was quite sad

Albert Heijn shop hadn’t arrived yet, so had to have gouda tomato and cucumber sandwiches. Was very dry.

I’ve got homemade mac and cheese, christmas honey glazed ham and chocolate birthday cake.



Some might say it’s too early to call but I think you win!

  • Eltham is todays Work Lunch Champion
  • I can beat that! (you’ve got to back this up)

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Think the best i can do is reheated putanesca spaghetti from Wednesday

Or some scrambled eggs on toast

i’ve got chicken and rice

probably as average as a lunch can get

I’m having beans on toast and a mince pie. Quite happy about it.

Also my scale has jumped up 3 pounds in the last few days and I think it’s entirely down to my mince pie consumption.

Probs have a tofu & sushi rice salad with some wakame. Well into wakame these days

1x smoked salmon slice 1x brown bread slice 2x apple 1x coca cola diet

This is him here


No mate


Whack it in the micro, it’s gonna be fine

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That’s got to be pretty soggy by now :grimacing:

usually peak in october though. like billy joe sang, wakame up when september ends