Who has the waxiest ears?



who here do you reckon has the waxiest ears?
do you reckon it’s you?


I’m top 30% but not top 20%.


I don’t think it’s me. I sleep with earplugs and am very thorough about cleaning my ears out.


I reckon it’s you.


had my ears done once and i ended up with a really bad infection straight away.




Love a good syringing. It’s like going from standard definition to high definition all over again.


only just found out about

aural toilets


I think it’s how much wax you can produce not how much is in there right now.

Sorry if this is a blow to your posting confidence.


Ah I see, not sure in that case.


It MIGHT be me. I clean them out on the regs though so it’s not disgusting dw



Bang a load of olive oil in mine.


I’m pretty much an x-man

one of the shit ones that still gets to go to the mutant school but has to run away whenever shit starts going down.


Bottom 10% in terms of amount of wax produced here I’d say.


Not anymore, had them syringed last week, everything sounds amazing! I thought I was getting bored of music and that everything sounded super flat and abrasive without detail but it turns out I had clogged ears, so clogged that you couldn’t put anything in my left ear! I reckon there was like 10 years worth


Top 5% I reckon


I’m glad Im an overachiever