Who have you only just heard of?


DLR Dave for me:







i love him


How come?






Don’t be a baby all your life, friend


My god those eyes.


ant what is up with you today?


Don’t tell me what to do!!!


5k PB on my run to work, it’s given me an inflated sense of self worth that is manifesting itself in belittling my fellow community members. It will pass soon.


aw man I can’t wait to get the DLR every day now

love mascots :star_struck:


here’s bonnie the seal

mascot for glasgow 2018 euro championships


There was a young boy on my DLR train the other day who kept asking his Dad why it was the Doctor’s Light Railway and I liked him. Maybe you’ll see him soon as well.


love that she’s like 'mon then!

anyone is free to steal this new meme I cba


So no driver but it does have a guy sweating it in a novelty costume.

Is this what automation will bring? Will I be superseded by someone in a Sally Software Developer costume?


Wally Warehouse Technician


We can but hope…


Stacey Solomon.

Still no idea who she is though.

And why does a light rail system require a mascot ffs.