Who have you seen live but want to again because you didn't fully appreciate it at the time

Seeing One Step Closer on Friday cause the previous time I saw them I fell asleep

Once saw Between the Buried and Me supporting Dillinger and they pretty much did Colours in full. Didn’t know them at the time now I love that album


Saw John Martyn at cropredy festival when I was about 15 and mostly there to get drunk, remember thinking it was pretty good but would love to see that show again now.


Saw Blonde Redhead at ATP in 2000(?) but was so insanely drunk and high that I don’t remember it at all. Friends told me I spent their whole set dancing maniacally and screaming at everyone about how they were the greatest band I’d ever seen. Bought a few of their albums afterwards and I was probably right.

Have tried to see them twice since but both times I’ve had to cancel :pensive:


Was far too drunk to appreciate Dirty Three the one time I saw them, was back when they played ATP events all the time so felt like there’d definitely be another chance to see them. Only ever seen Dinosaur Jr and Radiohead at festivals too, would be nice to see both of them again.

Saw rolo tomassi when i was 15 and not really interested in screamy vocals, would love to see them again now

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To be fair, John Martyn was probably drunk too.

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Was absolutely wrecked by the time Pixies came on at Reading whenever that was. Not sure I’d bother with the current incarnation though.

I can’t think of an example beyond seeing the Buzzcocks. It was free and I wasn’t really paying attention. I thought that they were has beens - Pete Shelley would only have been in his mid 30s!

Rage Against the Machine
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Wilco, Glastonbury 2004. I didn’t really know anything about them at the time, caught some of their set from the back of the crowd but didn’t pay it much heed. Turns out the set list was almost perfect and it was a beautiful sunny day, it’s something I regret hugely.

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Fuck Buttons


More of a zips fan?


Róisín Murphy

Was way too out of it at a festival

I regret not giving a festival headline appearence by The Cure a bit more attention close to ~20 years ago. Instead I wandered away from their main stage set to go see other stage headliners.

I wouldn’t have rated Disintegration anywhere near how much I rate it now so didn’t appreciate the set list at the time.


I did see them again after but would love to see Anthony and The Johnsons do another “hope there’s someone” era set after not fully getting it at the Mars Volta atp

Saw a bit of four tet at a festival but i was ‘a serious men with guitars’ bore at the time and although i quite enjoyed it, i reckon i would be much more into it now. Same for orbital or the orb (can’t remember which one), underworld, chemical brothers and probably quite a few more.

Was too far gone to appreciate doves when i saw them first time around. Had tickets for the recent planned gigs :frowning:

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Double whammy of The Cure and Wilco at Prima 2012

Cure I saw a few songs then drunkenly wandered away to see Wavves (??), and Wilco I think I saw half of the set but again wasn’t fully into the vibe and also pretty wasted

Have seen Wilco twice since so that’s all good but The Cure have escaped me and not sure I’ll get anyone to join me for the December gigs :frowning:


I saw Ice Cube at a one day festival on The Predator tour. Myself sat at the back and were being loudly sarcastic because rap was shit. :person_facepalming:

Saw the Flaming Lips on the Soft Bulletin tour. Bought the ticket because of the hype and fucking hated it. Though the singer was a prick. Got into them in 2003 and would love to go back.

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Oh crap you’ve reminded me,I saw Flaming Lips at Green Man but I was absolutely shitfaced and remember nothing after the first 20 minutes or so. Gutting.

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Very sad that the only time I saw Low in 2018 the setlist didn’t do it for me and there were two bellends in front who kept talking throughout. I just got in a progressively worse mood through the gig. Always assumed I’d give them another go down the line :broken_heart:

On the positive side, the first time I saw Mogwai it felt really flat, I gave them another go live and it was one of my favourite gigs (Koko 2014ish)

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