Who have you spoken most to in your life?

Tough question Balonz but I still reckon it might be my mum. Probably end up being my wife and my son will be way up there. Then my sister. Estranged dad is still in the top ten I guess. After that it gets difficult and I fear that maybe colleagues will end up making up the rest of the top ten along with friends.

Interesting question. I reckon it might be my sister.

Friends and lovers have come and gone, but my sister and I have always been fairly close.

Please provide a final top ten from your death bed.

My mum by absolutely miles, single parent household and that.

Probably still my parents, although our phone calls usually end up with me silently listening to them describe their week for 90% of it.


Tough question Balonz but I still reckon it might be my mam.

The Lord




Probably my sister? or my boyfriend actually. I talk to him a lot more than i ever talked to my family when i lived with them.

Probably my mum but I was never very talkative as a kid. Wouldn’t be surprised if my wife overtakes her soon if she hasn’t already, especially if we include written communications.

do give her my best.


My younger brother probably, we shared a room growing up and I probably still speak to him more than anyone else through the week.

Rumour has hit he’s still floating there

  1. Mum
  2. Younger brother
  3. My mate Steve
  4. Older brother
  5. Dad
  6. My mate Andy
  7. Wife
  8. Grandma
  9. Grandpa
  10. ???

How are we defining “spoken to”, Lonzoid?

Must it involve a mouth, sound and an ear? Or can it include text based comms?

Asking for a friend.

Put in the hours and hard work and you might be the one to fill thewarns number ten slot


What about the full roast eater he must be up there? In theory if you worked with him for a while over 10years you may have spoken to him more than your wife unless plot twist they are one and the same!!! If not however I think you should bestow a more heart felt title on him to represent his position don’t you think?

Mum by a million miles

No idea who would come after that but my sister would be there somewhere

If it includes text would I be in your top ten?

I think we will go mouth, sound, ear.

Current trends suggest it will be confirmed as either ‘my son’ or ‘myself’ within the year.

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