Who here doesn't like The Beatles?



please reveal yourselves and some possible reasons for why you think that way


trick question. they never existed.


It’s not that I don’t like them so much, but I’d never willingly put them on. Just heard it so much. Yesterday and Blackbird are beautiful though obviously.


just stick on Revolver man. then stick it on again.


Just listening to this again really reinforces no beatles, no elliott smith


they’re the fucking greatest ruffers my man




i’m the same. i don’t dislike them, but i can’t imagine a situation where i’d choose to listen to them.

i do, however, hate the way that lennon is held up as a peace-loving hippie icon despite beating his wives and bullying his own kids. imagine must be one of the most offensive songs ever written.


Went to Strawberry Fields (gates) at the weekend. Loads of ‘PAUL IS DEAD’ graffiti. Such a bizarre urban legend.


please elaborate.


I don’t like ‘The Beatles’.


I’m not really a fan. there’s the odd song I like, quite a few I hate, but I’m mostly indifferent to them.


I’ll give you a reason and it’s called Obladi Oblada


well, i think it takes a certain amount of gall to write a song urging people to “imagine no possessions” and then film the video in your MASSIVE HOUSE.

people largely hate bono for being a pompous blowhard and a tax-avoiding hypocrite, and yet lennon continues to enjoy this exhalted status, i just find it bizarre.


It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just fatigue.


you can’t imagine no possessions if you don’t have any


you’ve clearly not thought this through, so thanks for your input maaaaan


I’ve thought more than enough about Obla-fucking-di Obla-fucking-da


Anyone who says they don’t, just stick on And Your Bird Can Sing


Revolver and Rubber Soul are the only two I ever actively put on but yeah the rest of their stuff is alright like. Apart from all the bloated Let It Be shit near the end.