Who here has the best keyboard and mouse?

my keyboard is pretty good, loud and clicky but doesn’t have a numpad, 3/5

the mouse is great though!

what a terrible thread!

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work setup’s just a macbook air w/ basic logitech mouse

Bog standard

I like the look of that keyboard, is it mushy though?

what does that mean

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like the keys don’t click or give much feedback

bracing myself for a photo of erics mad keyboard

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It’s not too clicky but I certainly wouldn’t call it mushy. You know I’m typing.

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looking forward to this, whatever it is

I use the trackpad on my macbook. Just got used to it and can’t be arsed going back.

Got a pretty sweet mouse at home though. I a drawer somewhere.

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oh trackpads are so awful, no idea how you got used to one

I, a drawer?

Spaffed out on a big silly gaming setup two years ago, completely unnecessary but it does the clickity clack

I like its… runway

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ahaha brilliant! Are the lights not distracting though?

That’s what put me off and why I just got a nice clicky non lighty

gotta rest those wrists maaan

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makes me feel ill

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does this feel nicer?

it’s like typing on a cloud yeah