Who here likes Buffy the Vampire Slayer? STRICTLY NO SPOILERS


Not ended up at marvel though like Star Wars did. Boom are cool, they publish Giant Days which is A+.


just been perusing their website, seems like an interesting mixture of the good and the not so good, seems like they do a lot of franchises, power rangers, clueless, rugrats, bill and ted, doesn’t inspire confidence but the artwork preview looks good.

star wars comics without the dark horse logo seems so wrong to me, I was more into star wars in the early 90s dark horse era than when I was a kid even

edit: guess I was technically also a kid in the early 90s


Small comics companies are pretty much a mix of terrible licensed titles and original material. Mad world where something like Rugrats supports Giant Days but there we go.



Or maybe midgets…


Loads of stuff on Boom! is great. This makes me want to read Buffy comics.


Where are you up to now @DarwinBabe ?

Can’t remember if you said you were Watching Angel alongside it?


Nearly on the final season. Ive been watching angel but fallen behind so the episodes don’t match up.


you should share yr thoughts on season 7, it’s a controversial one amongst the buffy fans


I think it is the worst season. think the first evil was too vague an enemy, didn’t really know what it wanted, didn’t have much personality so they had to bring fillion in. Buffy’s Motivational speeches became a bit grating. I did like Andrew in it though. Also thought the empowering message didn’t really work as they still had to be potentials. Will be interesting when I get to rewatch it as it is the season I’ve seen the least of


would agree with all of this tbh, altho the final shot was perfect


I haven’t watched it since I was a kid but I still count xander spike willow and Co as some of my all time dogs


PAY :vampire: ME :vampire: TO :vampire: WRITE :vampire: BETTER :vampire: BUFFY :vampire: CONTENT :vampire: THAN :vampire: THIS :vampire:



“So why has she not been able to extract an income? Do the laws of supply and demand not apply in the Buffyverse?”

this is literally covered in season 6 (and to some extent in angel too)


Nah it’s not is it? I mean of the four lesser seasons - 4 to 7 - the average fan ranking is surely going yo have 4 or 6 at the bottom and 5 or 7 at the top.

For me it was the best of those four, if only for the final 6 episodes which I dimly recall hanging together as a sort of 4 hour mega finalé


Don’t try to Last Jedi this thread :grimacing::wink:


post can’t be empty


wait 4 is the one at college isn’t it? that’s a good one! and 5 has “superstar”, one of the best episodes of tv ever made! good god man!


I guess I can’t get with the programme here because

Season 5 has a downer ending. I don’t like downers but it does have Giles which S6 doesn’t have.

But also Dawn. I don’t hate her but she changed the dynamic of the show in a way that I didn’t like and which I only really accepted come S7.

I think my ranking is
S2, S3, S1, S7, S4, S5, S6

Yeah I know I dissed S4 up there but I referred to the average fan. I actually mostly enjoyed it and just didn’t really have any particular issues with Riley.


See my post below yours.

All the seasons have some cracking episodes.but overall fans seem to hate more stuff in S4.

I hate that final episode. Sopranos dream episode bullshit can always fuck off for me.

Except Twin Peaks. The only show where a dream episode/section is sublime


dawn is good too! stop it!