Who here likes Buffy the Vampire Slayer? STRICTLY NO SPOILERS


like dawn is supposed to change the dynamic of the show! it’s such a good meta joke too, i cannot believe the antipathy to dawn



This is factually incorrect

she’s not in heaven she is having a brief remission from her mental breakdown in the real world


my reasonings are:

Season 3: perfect the show has hit it’s stride, classic high school setting, cordelia and oz were still around, faith was a great character, mayor probably the best villain

Season 2: Still has a bit of the season 1 ropiness to it but I think has some of the most quintessential storylines and episodes, the angel stuff, so it has to rank highly

Season 5: 4 and 5 are close for me, just came down to thinking glory was a better arc than the initiative/adam

Season 1: rewatched it recently and its not as bad as I remember, but still no denying it was finding its feet

Season 6: Actually quite like it but 6-7 does seem like a distinct era and feels less classic buffy, liked the ‘living is hell’ theme, liked the darker tone though think they went too far with spike

Season 7: Don’t know, just didnt feel like it had as distinct an identity as other seasons, felt very repetitive, ropey fxs, boring villain, seemed like another season for the sake of it


I can appreciate the meta point and simultaneously find it doesn’t really work for me.

I also hate the musical episode because it’s not for me while respe ting it is an artistic and clever win.


Call him by his real name - Captain Cardboard


are you referring to the episode ‘normal again’?


one of my favourite buffy moments at 2:15 this:


Of course


I like the deep space nine episode with the similar concept


Superstar is in the 4th series, my good man.

4 has great episodes but a lame arc, 5 has a great arc but some lame episodes.

5 is still good though, 6 is the only bad series in my IMHO opinion.


I have not watched DS9 but the concept is basically a Twilight Zone episode. S6 is Joss’s “Oh you want another season and you’ll pay anything for it? Well I am going to try every concept I passed over as a bit too shit for the last 5 years.” season.


But season 6 wasn’t really Joss Whedon’s season, it was Marti Noxon’s. Though maybe she was the one saddled with doing all of Whedon’s previously rejected ideas


Mate wtaf


wtafffff theo fucking hell


Honestly, just never really got into it. And I actually do like musicals but this doesn’t work at all. Most people I meet who love it are a lot younger so maybe it spoke more to you when you weren’t 28. There were a lot of things I didn’t really enjoy about Season 6, though: It’s a downer season the whole way. There’s novery little Giles. They kill off Tara who is one of the best characters and really the whole thing is overly dark. The point of Buffy is to balance a darkness with comedy. Season 7 lifts us back into the balancing act.


Favourite Buffy moment


never even watched s6 or s7 because everyone told me they’re a slog. should I bother?




beginning to think my plan to watch the entirety of buffy and angel before my free prime trial ends was a tad overambitious