Who here likes Buffy the Vampire Slayer? STRICTLY NO SPOILERS

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Just realised I’ve never even seen this show - I was thinking about Sabrina.




Nahh… I’m watching it with @anon82218317 and we’ve got to mid-point of Season 5, so we’ve still got the two best episodes ever to come imo (you all know which ones, hence NO SPOILERS)

Then there’s Hush, a bunch from S3 that I can’t remember the names of. Although tbf i did skip a huge part of S2 and jumped right into S3 the first time i watched, which probably stopped me getting much out of that season. Oh well.

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I also liked What We Do In The Shadows.

It’s not a vampire thing, but In The Flesh was very good, too: BBC Three - In The Flesh, Series 1, Episode 1

Also, The Fades: BBC iPlayer - The Fades

Being Human was good as well, but isn’t available on iPlayer at the moment: Being Human (British TV series) - Wikipedia


wish they’d put buffy (and angel) back on netflix, I’m due a rewatch

Thank god its Fridya!

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I’m not sure how well it’s aged, but I remember liking Ultraviolet when it was first shown


Iirc In the Flesh had that Twin Peaks thing of having a shortish and really solid first series followed by a second series that suffered from being a bit more bloated

Feel bad that Buffy’s so low down in this poll. She’s obviously the best character & actor in the show

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I had the biggest tween crush on him. Wrote him a fan letter and everything. Absolutely not my cup og tea now though

4 > 7 > 5 > 6 > 3 > 2 > 1

Nathan Fillion in season seven was :ok_hand:

Season 4 has a special place in my heart because I used to watch it with my best friend after college then awkwardly make out.

Also saw Nerf Herder who wrote the theme song a couple of times. Excellent pop punk band.


Why not?

Thirst, the Park Chan-Wook film


I don’t understand the love for Spike, he literally tried to rape Buffy :persevere:

Yeah Xander is terrible. But 20 years ago he didn’t seem to be that bad. I mean I don’t think he was ever really anyone’s favourite, but if you want a sign that our society has at least progressed in those two decades I think he’s a prime example of a toxic male character who at the time just seemed to be an accepted trope; nowadays you could never have him be on the side of the good guys like he is.

(And I also feel like Oz in the show seemed a very progressive male character and now feels like just what you would expect in a male hero of a show.)


Don’t like his face anymore, don’t find him funny, too slick, etc

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Remind me why?

Well I mean in the context of a show like this. I don’t think if you started a show like Buffy - which was after all very progressive in its time for a mainstream show - now and your main character was (no spoilers) as toxic as he is, it would sit at all well. You certainly could frame him as a sort of anti-heroic/troubled type of character, it could well be done. But the soul of Buffy is also that it tries to go for a pretty strong sense of the group knowing what’s right and wrong. Characters deviate from that at times but the show is always making it clear.

I think Xander’s choices are never really questioned at all and I think in a modern show they absolutely would be or else they showrunners would get a lot of crap for it, just look at how much rightful ire a show like Iron Fist got from the fanbase.

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