Who here likes Buffy the Vampire Slayer? STRICTLY NO SPOILERS

Years later, she invented Siri full stop click reply


Very odd. I wondered why they were showing season 1 stuff again when I flicked past E4.

Might try and get the TV to watch Angel, I sold it to her as a “vampire detective thing, but funny” which I think works…


Much less of the funny aspect as time goes on though!

That is true, I was thinking of the first season where Angel dishes out the banter a bit.

Just started Angel


Watching in 480p though :grimacing:


(Isn’t DVD 720? It’s been so long I have no real recollection now.)

This is all our streaming option offers anyway

It’s also in All4 but … not going anywhere near that

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Watching it on Plex cos the All4 setup annoys me so much


Nope. DVD is SD.

Yeah, it’s been so long I was thinking that was SD. I guess it’s 560 or something in PAL though, isn’t it?

Something like that. Looks like crap these days whatever it is :sob:

I looked it up and it is 576

His facial hair choices have always been questionable tbf.

(see. Six Feet Under and The OC)

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What else is Cassie in, again???

No, it’s something else earlier than that.

Hmm. Maybe it was the other way around then and I’ve seen her in something since…

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Onto the start of S3 of Angel. Observations:

  • Angel is really good when he’s being silly or goofy
  • Angel is less good when he’s being uber-emo for 5 episodes at a time. Miss me with that
  • Cordelia’s hair has got baaad
  • How didn’t I realise that Wesley is handsome?
  • Still loving when they lean into the detective/noir tropes
  • Lorne is excellent

Hitting the point where my flatmate hasn’t seen any of the episodes, so will be uncharted territory for us both from here on out. Really don’t have an emotional connection to it like I did to Buffy, and find myself tuning out checking my phone more often, but still highly entertaining and looking forward to watching the rest. Might need a rest after S3 though, got vampire overload

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… oooh

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Lorne :heart::slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: to be clear, sad what happened to Andy Hallet not some indirect spoiler