Who here likes Buffy the Vampire Slayer? STRICTLY NO SPOILERS

Has Buffy been taken off 4od?

Not really into Fred in Angel at all tbh

You leave Fred alone. :heart_eyes:


Nice to see Emma Caulfield in Wandavision


She’s got better


So so so creepy on angel that Cordelia bangs Connor. Wtf is that about

You should check out Ted Lasso, he’s a great slimy bad guy in it. :slight_smile:

Young Pete from Mad Men in Angel?? Yes!

Felt really odd when he turned up as I’d not long finished Mad Men at that point.

Same here, though a rewatch for MM. Having a great time

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Her powers meant she knew he’d grow up to be really hot in Mad Men.

Reverse for me: I found it impossible to take him seriously in Mad Men for at least the first season because of Angel.


Was never that fussed with Angel even when I was an angsty teenage girl. The best thing about him is how much he winds up Xander.



How many times have you watched Buffy?

  • Just once, so far
  • Twice
  • Three times a lady
  • Four times
  • Five by five
  • Six
  • Lost count, m8

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Xander being Whedon’s self insert character tells us basically everything we need to know about Whedon.


I’ve seen a few episodes more than once, probably S1 and S2 three times. I’ve never been one to watch entire huge series over TBH. Always a new thing I’d rather watch. But certainly I don’t mind dipping into specific episodes.

It’s also really weird that the same show was happy to write a character as reasonable as Oz but never figured Xander could have character growth to put him there particularly. Was Oz just a complete fluke? It’s weird.

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Not sure. Some series when it was on, a number of times since🤔

Yeah also being discussed in the ‘People who’ve fucked it’ thread.

Fucking shit though. Don’t think Instagrams work on here any more


EDIT to say SMG has some EXTREMELY cute dogs which you can view in that instagram feed.