Who here likes Buffy the Vampire Slayer? STRICTLY NO SPOILERS

just watching the episode where angel loses his soul on 4music. there is that annoying whedon trope where the baddy gets right up in the face of the goody, kisses them and runs away, faith does it at one point, it happened in the fray comic. anyway, he has done it twice in this episode first with spike and then buffy. just a stray noticing

have been alternating between Malcolm in the Middle and Buffy during lockdown in a regression to my teenage years

it’s amazing how well MITM stands up (possibly even better than when I first saw it 15 years ago or so)

Buffy…not so much. I am only halfway through the 2nd season but yeah


hits its stride in season 3

Agreed, except for the episode I watched today where Hal is sneaking fatty foods into Lois’s diet as she gets distressed at getting bigger and bigger… And the payoff is that Hal just really likes fat arses :confused:

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Oh yeah that sub plot is absolutely terrible

Probably one of the only ones which they got completely wrong (also feels quite out of character with the show)

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saw one recently where hal hides some shoes that were helping lois’ feet

he’s a very naughty man isn’t he


Urgh just had a thought - series 9/comics spoilers it’s widely acknowledged that Xander is Joss Whedon’s self insert character. I was uncomfortable about the fact that Xander ends up getting together with Dawn and now with Michelle’s revelations about how inappropriate he was on set it’s taken on a whole new layer of ick.

We’ve been doing this (along with Taskmaster, which we’d somehow missed first time around) and it’s been great. Watching Buffy now is kind of like watching Darkplace, so much of it is so ridiculous and hammily done, but in a massively enjoyable way. MITM though, that’s just straight up great (occasional clanger aside). The traffic jam one early in S2 where Lois completely loses her shit is amazing. She’s such a great actor.


actually, considering what she said I think ‘inappropriate’ is putting it way too mildly