Who here likes Buffy the Vampire Slayer? STRICTLY NO SPOILERS


Really like that scene, and Anya is my favourite, but I always thought her character lacked continuity

as it turns out she used to be human, and as a vengeance demon she lived amongst humans, blended in and gained their trust, yet now she is human again she doesn’t understand human ways, constantly making faux pas, doesn’t understand Joyce’s death even though she has killed many herself.
There is quite a satisfying explanation in the podcast’s Facebook group for the first part at least, Anya might be autistic, she managed to learn the specific scripts required to carry out her role as a vengeance that allowed her to blend in, but she cannot maintain this full time as it is exhausting and lacks the scripts for the wider range of social situations she finds herself in. So instead questions things that she doesn’t understand and gets frustrated at things she finds stupid. doesn’t explain her not really understanding death, but I guess that could be more to do with her not having been close to people who died before


One consistent thing - she does always hate bunnies


when I listen to this I can picture all the clips they use in the credits like oooo this is the bit where Buffy and Faith dance

so good


Tony Head and Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne) did a live commentary on Band Candy at a convention I went to years and years ago - was bloody excellent/hilarious.

Season 3 was my favourite because of Faith :heart:


“oooh, copper’s got a gun!”

Band Candy is a brilliantly shit episode! :smiley:


wanna listen but some big cheeses are visiting the office today, dammit


big bads you might say


:smiley: “You’ll never use it, though, mate.” *Headbutt *

" Call me Snyder. Just a last name, like Barbarino."

I think I agree with you on the “brilliantly shit” description. It’s one I’ll happily watch and enjoy despite it being quite daft.

Really want to watch Buffy now.


Actually saw ASH as Frank ‘n’ Furter in the West End c. 1990 I think. it was definitely post-Gold Blend ads because we were all “Oh man, it’s HIM”.

Anyway, I recall almost nothing of it now obviously.


cant believe how expensive it is to be a Buffy fan



Always wanted to go to one of these types of conventions, mainly to know how it would feel to be the coolest person in a place.




The podcast is doing a meetup on Thursday


are you going?


I thought about it, but think it would be a bit awkward, group of people where the only connection is listening to the same podcast and the podcast hosts, plus i’ve only listened to the first 12 or so episodes so id feel a bit of a fraud. I wish they would do a gig doing their buffy songs while they are over here


probably should have gone, looks fun


only in the US though :frowning:


i’m cautiously optimistic about the new comic, seasons 8-11 had there moments but were a bit of a mess at times, and the present day back to basics approach seems like a good way to address that. think only token involvement from whedon though, and sad to see it won’t be published by dark horse, but on the other hand Anya!

wonder if it will fit in with the tv reboot


wait wrong link


disney will own buffy now too