Who here writes code?



Either for a living or for the fun (I can’t imagine that it’s possible to do it for fun really).

Coding (or total career change)

I remember it being the most fun I’d ever had when I was 11. And within three days of Christmas that year I was already a better coder than half the people in my dev team are now.


Yup (at work). A bit of Java (lots of Spring Boot/Cloud stuff) & some frontend stuff (Angular/Typescript mainly these days)


Did a brief evening course in C++ and do some very, very basic code work at times at work


I’ve either been promoted out of a code writing position OR I am no longer trusted to commit code. You decide.

I’m going to write some code now though and they can’t stop me.


Kinda, but more in a data science context than in front-end development. My highest degree of expertise is VBA, which is not the most useful thing in the world. Doing more in R at the moment which I’m genuinely enjoying.


i do, did you have a question?


Yeah I do it for a living. And I will do it for fun if the fun is fun enough.

I did this a while back just to test out some PHP things I wanted to try



Yeah I do it for a living. Not so much for fun, though I wish I did more outside of work


what exactly do they trust you to do there?


I can get the boss coffee.
I can attend meetings as long as I don’t say anything.
Sometimes I do a little dance around the office to make people laugh.


The only code I know is when I was about 13 and taught myself how to use html/css so my anime fansites looked legit


10 PRINT "zxcvbnm is cool"
20 GOTO 10

zxcvbnm is cool
zxcvbnm is cool
zxcvbnm is cool
zxcvbnm is cool
zxcvbnm is cool
zxcvbnm is cool
zxcvbnm is cool
zxcvbnm is cool
zxcvbnm is cool


No questions, it’s that I knew a few people on here did but we never really talk about it. I code too, or at least I’m supposed to with my job but for various reasons there isn’t really much development to do in work anymore.


I do, for a living. I’m an old mainframe dinosaur though so it’s Cobol and Natural. I have dabbled with html and javascript. But it’s never done for fun, just to pay the bills!




I have become so rusty, I just don’t keep on top of it and haven’t done for years. Doing some preparation last night for something has reminded me of this. I was thinking, it would’ve been so easy to keep up to scratch if I’d wanted, so why haven’t I? There was one thing I did recently which I did genuinely enjoy, for the OU astrophysics course, we had to make a composite spectrum of quasars, filtering out the quasars you wanted, downloading all the data and then importing to excel to make the composite. It took ages to do by hand, I wrote some java which hit their database, ran sql and did the rest. It was great because it meant you could play around, for instance I was able to pull out quasars with low emissions in certain lines, see how their overall composite looked and compare it to normal quasars.




no, Z/OS


Code twats