Who here's into that chopped up cucumber and/or fruit in water deal?


I bet some of you are.

  • Cucumbers
  • Fruit of some kind
  • I am only in an office out of fear, go away

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Sordid fuckers.


lemon: yeah
cucumber: nah


it’s nice but not as good as squash


The fucking memory of a flavour, utterly hideous, especially for foods you actually like


Bit of a weird veg to put in water


love your funny little comments xx


I like it as a food, but not a drink


Sounds like homeopathy.


It’s very similar to homeopathy, ie beloved by terrifying morons


Cucumber water is a REVELATION.


It’s not cucumber water, its water with cucumber floating in it


Not a thing


Cucumber anyway


And it’s bloody delicious.

I too mocked when the hispter waiter in Gorilla plonked the carafe next to me filled with cucumber sticks. But he knew more than me and I bow to his superior water wisdom.


Clean living virtue signalling.

Oh yeah I put some cucumber in my water it actually somehow makes it more hydrating yeah I’m off to a personal training session later then going to do a DIY turmeric enema before a Joe Wicks macrobiotic cauliflower and boiled chicken burrito which is actually less calories than eating nothing. Oh that entire loaf of bread hollowed out with crisps in the middle you’ve just eaten looked good though.


But only if someone watches


like this thread


I like it fine :smiley:


go away


It’s just tasty! And you get bonus cucumber at the end if it, good deal if you ask me.