Who is going to be the baddie in the Jamie Vardy Movie?

Kane and the tottenham hotspur guys? (there could be a scene when they are both on the Leicester bench where Kane says some mean things)

Nigel Pearson would make a good baddie but probably was a positive influence in Vardy’s career

Arsene wenger

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Big Sam (played by Ray Winstone)

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“You can’t play for fackin’ Engerrrland, you’re 'avin a party, you cant!! I’m off for some calamari…”



Gary Lineker

jamie vardy should be the villain. make it a rise and fall kind of film, similar to scarface.

he already has quite a punchable face and is a bit racist. hope he stars as himself and dies valiantly defending a mountain of cocaine with a grenade launcher.

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That bloke he racially abused

or peter ebdon

still waiting patiently

Colleen obv



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