Who is going to be the baddie in the Jamie Vardy Movie?



Kane and the tottenham hotspur guys? (there could be a scene when they are both on the Leicester bench where Kane says some mean things)

Nigel Pearson would make a good baddie but probably was a positive influence in Vardy’s career


Arsene wenger


Big Sam (played by Ray Winstone)


“You can’t play for fackin’ Engerrrland, you’re 'avin a party, you cant!! I’m off for some calamari…”


Hodgson, for sticking him on the wing for England.




Gary Lineker


HArry Kane

phantom of the opera, innit.


jamie vardy should be the villain. make it a rise and fall kind of film, similar to scarface.

he already has quite a punchable face and is a bit racist. hope he stars as himself and dies valiantly defending a mountain of cocaine with a grenade launcher.




That bloke he racially abused


or peter ebdon