Who is the best drummer in the entire world



to compliment Flea’s unique bass guitar playing style?

I’m thinking it might be Chad Smith, but I’m open to other suggestions.


I’ll tell you who’s a good drummer. Travis Barker is a good drummer.


Buddy Rich was until his death. Now it’s probably Neil Peart.


@pietrovalente :heart_eyes:


Tito Puente


I think if Flea could play drums at the same time as playing drums, then the answer would be Flea.

Open to other suggestions though.


Bernard matthews


Speaking of Flea, I watched this Atoms For Peace video recently. It takes two drummers AND a Thom Yorke just to jeep up with him. What a guy.


Most drummers can play drums at the same time as playing drums.


Name one


Jimmy Chamberlin


Frost. Love the bit in until the light takes us where he gets on the plane and the kid is bewildered by him.



Shit, oh yeah!


I do not know his name, but this guy is drumming whilst drumming:


Papa Valente





Pietro can drum, whilst drumming, whilst playing drums and drumming at the same time.


corey fogel

sure he would fit right in