Who is the best drummer in the entire world

Adam Betts. He’s fucking ridiculous, so much groove and so much power. I could happily dance for half an hour to him just playing a backbeat

Thanks for the mention :blush:
I would like to say that is very difficult to state who’s the best drummer in the world because there are so many different genres and styles of music with different sets of skills. A metal drummer could be super fast with double bass drum but a jazz drummer could have an amazing touch and sound control or improvisation skill.
One of my favorite drummer is BRIAN BLADE!

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Shit, I have the same trainers as @pietrovalente ! (This is him, right?)

Can’t stand Red hot chilli peppers so I haven’t really heard their drummer but the drummer from Shobaleader One is amazing.

Frost is more scared of the kid than the kid is of him, i always thought.

Virgil Donati is up there.

Big fan of Abe Cunningham

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