Who Is The Best Member Of The Wu-Tang Clan?

  • RZA
  • GZA
  • Method Man
  • Raekwon
  • Ghostface Killah
  • Inspectah Deck
  • U-God
  • Masta Killa
  • Cappadonna
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard

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Best of the Killa Beez?

  • Easy Mo Bee
  • Pete Rock
  • Nas
  • Mobb Deep
  • Redman
  • AZ
  • Busta Rhymes
  • The L.O.X.
  • Kool G Rap
  • DJ Muggs
  • MF Doom
  • Kanye West
  • M.O.P.

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went for ODB as he was blatantly the best for entertainment and an all round clown.

But GZA for the best album/skills and Cappadonna for the best verse (Winter Warz).


I agree with everything here.

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Raekwon 4 lyf. Dude tells stories like no one else.

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Whither Shyheim The Rugged child?

really loved the recent press this song got for “featuring every living member of the Wu-Tang Clan”… RZA, GZA, Meth, Jackpot Scotty Wotty, Raek… wait, hang on a second, go back one…

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Ghostface is probs the best but whenever I think of Wu Tang, I think of Meth.


Toss up between Down Low Recka, Dreddy Kruger, 60 Second Assassin and Shorty Shitstain.


We form like Voltron and GZA happen to be the head, you know what I’m saying?

(Although secretly it is the RZA’s production that makes 36 Chambers for me)


Serious answer, RZA.


Well it’s ghost face but I’m disappointed that the op wasn’t the set up for some tortured puns

shorty shitstain 4 lyfe obvs but I do enjoy some popa wu rambling philosophical musings

torture motherfucker


Some scattered thoughts:

RZA obv deserves a ton of credit for his production but his solo output is embarrassing imo. Not sure I’ve ever been more disappointed with a release as I was with Bobby Digital. And that’s coming from someone who bought like every single No Limit Records release from 97-99…
I think his rapping peaked on the first Gravediggaz album.

GZA is great but pretty monotone. Awesome for restoring balance on a hyped up track. Liquid Swords is probably 5th in my Wu placement, 4th Chamber top 3 rza beat. I rate Beneath the Surface really high as a bit of a personal classic that I feel deserves more love.

ODB brought the weirdness but was never a true fav of mine. Return to 36 Chambers was classic but Ni&&a Please was bad and has aged really poorly.

GHOST is the winner imo. Best solo career, everything is great up through Ghostdini. Best story teller of the clan (Maxine, The Forest, The Hilton, Wildflower, etc etc etc), Had the most range in his vocals, always seemed the most hungry. Personal fav solo album is Pretty Toney and feel like Bulletproof Wallets is severely undervalued. Supreme Clientele #3 GFK solo for me. Fishscale a little overrated to me but still good.

INSPECTAH is the greatest one verse (and guest) artist of all time (Guilltoine Swords, Triumph, Above the Clouds, Rules, Chessboxin). He’s like the Robert Horry of the clan, has a ton of rings from being clutch and the perfect teammate who always delivers… but cant do much on his own. Solo career leaves much to be desired, although I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the Czarface stuff. Still mad we never got to hear his verse on Got My Mind Made Up.

METHOD was smooth. Was the favorite in the 90s but middle of the pack for me now. Tical was awesome and really swampy. I think at this point I reach for Tical 2000 more often tho (RZA flexed his production muscles with Suspect Chin Music straight into Retro Godfather), or even Blackout. Tons of memorable verses and shared the title of Wu’s best hook man with ODB. Bonus points for being a good actor.

UGOD. I still need to read the book that @CHAIRMAN_LMAO has mentioned. I kinda love the command of his voice, deep and steady. Love some of his verses like on the completely bonkers Chercez LaGhost. See also Uzi, It’s Yourz, Chessboxin, Pinky Ring, Black Jesus, Click Click. His acting in the Click Click video is my fav thing he ever did though lollll I do love that song and video.

MASTA prob the worst. He kinda stumbles across beats, not too many memorable moments outside of Chessboxin (his absolute mastapiece) and Glaciers of Ice. I do like his first solo album No Said Date quite a bit tho.

RAE is top 2 for me. Great story teller. Two classic albs in his solo career. SO many memorable verses. His slang taught me a lot. Incarcerated Scarfaces top 3 wu song. Killer verses on It’s Yourz, The MGM, Fish, Visionz.


Haha. Whomst created this very random list?

Best member of So Solid Crew?


It’s awesome. Apparently he was quite bullied within the group. Referred to as the ‘4 bar assassin’ due to his inability to get anything on record. Led the most f**ked up life. Always listen out for his verses now, but I still think he’s a bit shit.

Yeh his lyrics are nonsense but he sells it well