Who Is The Best Member Of The Wu-Tang Clan?




Pretty Toney must be the most underrated, though not particularly Wu-Tang in sound


Can’t believe an album featuring Ne-Yo is outranking Ironman and SC for some people

I respect it but geez


That feature is the best thing he ever did! But it’s those MF Doom and J Dilla tracks and Shakey Dog that do it for me, Clive

Remember when DoomStarks was a thing, lol


sorry, i must have missed that, what was it you were saying about the most underrated r&b vocalist of a generation?


Oh yes. Seem to remember buying a limited edition red cassette tape with ONE track on it.

Kentish lad Lewis Parker did that Shakey Dog track IIRC.


Alright dammit I’ll bite…

Pretty Toney - Ironman > Bulletproof Wallets > Supreme Clientele >> Fishcale > Ghostdini >>>> Big Doe > Apollo Kids >> More Fish


Pretty Toney number one. Damn. Not listened to that album in years.

Did anyone else like that Theodore Unit album? 718. Had a few decent tracks on there.


yeah the theo unit album is cool. didnt really add it to this cos its not really a solo thing but id probably have it somewhere in the Fischale/Ghostdini section.

Pretty Toney #1 is really a personal thing dont think I’d find too many to agree with me.


I think this whole thread title requires clarification.

Which member is best at rapping?
Best at producing?
Best at complex formulae in excel spreadsheets?
(clearly Ghostface)


I’ve not listened to Pretty Toney much at all after a couple of cursory goes when it first came out and found it a bit dull, but I was probably switched off to the whole Wu Tang thing in general at that point, I’ll check it out again this week, intrigued now by the high ratings here. Surprised at Apollo Kids being so low, its great and I remember it being hailed as a return to form.

I’d say Ironman is the best, Fishscale and SC next tier, bulletproof wallets and Apollo kids next and then everything else below that in a mess of albums with a few decent tracks and loads of filler and crap.

Just started reading the U-God book, really good




Unless we’re talking extended family in which case it’s clearly Mathematics


Producin data, microchips or software. The GZA takes this.


Guys. Seriously.


It’s not as good as Ironman. Blatantly his second best album and that seems to have been forgotten about for some reason. Sites like Pitchfork calling it a 10/10 album - just no. Lose Woodrow the Basehead, Cherchez LaGhost, Clyde Smith, Who Would You Fuck, the 5 mins of that f**king Iron’s Theme and you have a much leaner album. Second half of that album is a chore. Yeah, I said it.


Lukewarm take here we go:

Ironman > Supreme Clientele > Pretty Toney = Fishscale > [ Bullet Proof Wallets = Apollo Kids = Twelve Reasons to Die = Sour Soul] (not gonna bother with any of these any time soon) > [Twelve Reasons 2 = More Fish = Big Doe = Ghostdini] (unlikely to ever bother again)


Genuinely think it’s one of the greatest records ever made. Alternates with Cuban Linx as the best Wu record. Ghost has never been as consistently great on any other record (and he’s consistently great on most of his records)

This breaks my heart. I love this track (one of U-God’s best verses too). At the time Supreme Clientele came out, the 100% Dynamite reggae nights were big in Islington where I was living and this was massive there:

Given that I’d given over a large proportion of my life to SC at that point, used to love the fact that this got revived at the same time. Carlos Bess also stayed in my house at Uni in Manchester for a bit (he was best pals with once of my housemates) so massively biased towards this track…

Take your point on Who would you fuck - that hasn’t aged well at all, but Woodrow still cracks a smile tbh. Some of the skits incidental bits could be paired back I guess, but think this would detract from the cinematic feel and this is one of the main things I love about it.

SMH. There is absolutely no doubt this time - we are definitely disagreeing dude!


I used to go to them sometimes! In that pub down the alley where Electrowerkz was? But yeah, still don’t like that track.


Exactly! The Blue Angel. Don’t think it’s there anymore…