Who Is The Best Member Of The Wu-Tang Clan?




It’s got to be Wu.


(Give a shit if someone already did this but it’s a @ma0sm thread so it’s unlikely)


Shagger Pard-wu


Has anyone watched Hip-Hop Evolution on Netflix? Season 2 dropped last week and the 4th episode has a great little segment on Wu. Worth a watch.

The whole thing is, in fact. Really interesting stuff for anyone that isn’t a scholar of the genre.


About halfway through this now, despite being into them since the 90s I’d never really read much of their backstory, I hadn’t realised exactly how much they were doing for real rather than making the stories up. Great read so far, makes listening to 36 Chambers a lot more interesting knowing where the references come from.

36 Chambers really is one of the all time greatest debut albums isn’t it. The skill and confidence of all of them is unreal, there’s not a bad track or verse on the whole thing. It’s always surprising in hindsight how much it was Inspectah Decks album, considering how much more hyped the other members were, his verses are always amazing and he’s (I think) got more than anyone else.


Yes - love reading little snippets which suddenly then unlock the back story of certain tracks. ‘260’ being a key one.

Did my pumpkin carving last night.


25 years since 36 Chambers was released!



Finished this. So glad I read it! I know there’s a lot of repetition and the writing is somewhat turgid but most of the material is so gripping it doesn’t matter.

Made me go back and reevaluate a lot of his stuff too. His verses do really shine on Forever and although i’d never really given it any time Golden Arms Redemption is a really solid album, a lot better than some of the other solo Wu stuff from that time.


Yeah. It feels like he just sat down and started writing with not a great deal of planning. It’s like a brain dump of his whole life. One minute talking about jail, next minute it’s an anecdote about snowboarding.


has this been mentioned in this thread?

Looks interesting, think I will ask Santa for it.


I might ask for that too.



Will Ashon is a pretty great writer (runs the Big Dada label too). This should be really good. Had no idea about it till now either. Make that 3 copies please Santa!



This is properly brilliant


That had me grinning like a loon! Great stuff!


That was great, cheers!


Amazing. Would love to see a set like that at a small venue.


New guy at work, same age as me, never heard of the Wu Tang Clan. Instantly bad vibes.


A definite square



Pretty weird to have never even heard of them. He asked if they were Chinese.