Who is the best/scariest/most offensive?

Detailed discussion please. Close-ups available on request.

Best: top right
Scariest: top left
Most offensive: probably bottom left


Far left side dominating both offensive and scary categories

The vampire dude?

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I like the alien

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Phoebe Bridgers is best
Blue monster most scary
Bottom left most offensive

the pirates are best i read about 50 pirate wikipedias yesterday

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very good question

I meant top second from left but it could be any of them really

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I’m well into pirates at the minute too

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Clearly a scary deep sea diver.

Not sure why there are two different deep sea divers

Front row, second from left just noticed the little ginger goattee. Most sinister for sure.

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Best: joint between top right and bottom left
Scariest: top left
Most offensive: blue hoodie dude

Wonder if there is any legs in a

“How would you cope with playmobile hands” thread?

Not really the kind of thread I “do” tbh

i’m longing for a pirate films that’s not …of the Caribbean.

this was my gateway wiki into piracy

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Big fan of the yeti personally. The clown is terrifying, i lost the wee balloon he used to hold, and the bottom left is problematic.

What’s going on with this guy’s eyebrows?

Scooby doo sure has some strange playmobil toys, i tells ya.

our flag means death is ok but it’s not a film

has some pirates in though

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