Who is the biggest dickhead with a loop pedal?


Ed Sheeran or Owen Pallett for me


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


I don’t like sheerens loop pedal, just an iPad in a stupid enclosure


Tom york, m4




That Andrew Bird fella


Irked me when that Ed Sheeran’s mate bloke said ‘even Thom Yorke’ is using loop pedals as if Radiohead were all like “I reckon Rupert Grint’s onto something; first he brought the anarchy and now this”


Lance Armstrong


Sheeran & Pallett, distributors of fine quality fleeces.


Nah, they’re Look Pedals m9 (This is now the cycling thread)


can’t believe you would even put cheeky nandos twat boy in the same sentence as owen pallett, go have a long think about your life.


Imagine using Nando’s as an insult you massive wet wipe


Oh yeah he’s a prick too


People don’t like Andrew bird? Honestly, this place!


Thought this was a DL-4 based joke, maybe ME-80 would’ve worked better :confused:


Me. Can’t even use it, just accumulate gear and then go back to plinking on the Spanish every time


Thought everyone went off him after the pro-Trump stuff tbh


Ooft, I hadn’t even considered including a joke in my response, that would indeed have been a good one.


Excuse me while I Google this.


Oh, it was a joke. Never mind.