Who is the classiest member of our online community?

As per the thread title, please discuss how classy members of community.drownedinsound.com are in this thread.

We’ve discovered that Meo is both a fizzy water lover and has a fridge with a water dispenser, both of which are extremely classy.

Hoogy is obviously just a pure class act throughout but have his years of being the default choice made him complacent?

Xylo reckons he should be in the running, he’s got the fizzy water going for him but will need to state more of his case in this thread.

Be kind to each other please.

It’s Hoogy.


I mean, yeah, we know but let’s just have a fun thread eh?

Would you class yourself as “classy”, Anty?

This will be useful for identifying those needing re-education in the coming years.


No, aside from enjoying fizzy water I don’t really have any other particularly classy moves in the locker.

What a shame.

I am what I am, Nicola. I can’t change anything at this stage of my life.


Who is Hoogy?

I think it’s ruffers.

He eats swan and bathes in champagne every night.


No he doesn’t and that wouldn’t be classy anyway

hey, it’s a shower, I respect the environment

What’s on the menu, friend?

noise_ramones has a definite air of decorum and dignity about him

^can eat a McDonalds without dripping any grease down her chin.

Classiest person in this thread so far.


He’s very modest about it, which is also very classy.


@anon5266188 you should make a poll of classy things and everyone posts their individual score and then we can have rankings


Don’t want to sound like I just stepped off the set of Casino Royale hahaha but seriously I have once worn a dinner jacket (or “tuxedo” as our American cousins call it).

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