Who is the graffiti big dog on your local motorway and major A road bridges?

In fact here I am talking about him on a tour


Anco seems to rule Belfast. What a lad

That’s so cool! Never fails to raise a smile as we drive off the M60 near Northenden to be greeted by ‘BUMBAG’ in six foot high lettering.


Used to see Bloodaxe quite a lot going through South Yorkshire on the train

Just looked him up and this is the man himself

This guy.

He did one at Selhurst station.

Also there is a lot of good street art in Croydon.

Run DMC.

Barely alive Clive

In Haslemere during the late 90s-mid 00s there was a turf war between ‘Roil’ (royal) and ‘Dair’ (dare). Was always Roil

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Maybe that is their name? Or even better, they are actually a whale.


dunno but in town here I think it used to be the Get Money Cru!

literally came here to say DFUQ (on the basis that it’s the only graffiti tag i remember seeing in more than one place in the local area). am i remembering correctly that you aren’t that far from bracknell @anon29812515 ? HELCH hasn’t made it this far yet

when i was a kid it was çeed. i googled them a while ago when it randomly popped into my head and found their soundcloud

Helch has ruined GIVE PEAS A CHANCE and for that I will forever be Helch’s enemy

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Yeah not too far, I’m in Surrey but DFUQ’s reach is great. Helch is more M25.

When we drive up the M61 then M6 to the Lakes there’s a lot of environmentalist graffiti on bridges giving people a hard time for using cars. To these enviro-punks I say fuck off, individual motorists can’t be to blame for the really shite and really expensive public transport.

The Pies The Pies


This sexi artist


reading this book at the moment which has a bit about DEAN and how he got way further out than youd expect him to

think it was a @scout recommendation, if not it’s prime scout territory

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Wow, amazing !

I heard somewhere he had some fairly radical politics but I’m not sure how true that is