Who is the greatest horse, part ii

This really cracked me up…

But then someone posted this response, seemingly without reason, and now I’m dying thinking of that old horse thread and I don’t wake til 9.


i don’t get it.

any of it.


nice to see whiterussian enjoying herself


She’s going to do herself a mischief

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Been looking forward to revealing my new skill to everyone!!

White Russian / Red Rum

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Fucking hell

Despite being pretty weird this is seriously impressive athleticism

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Imagine going on a nice country walk and then in the distance you see her come along like she does on that path. Would absolutely freak my nut out

You start going out with someone. They’re beautiful, interesting and love all stupid bands you love. They insist on walking everywhere like a horse

  • It’s a neigh for me
  • I want to shower you with sugar lumps and ride you over fences

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Their hands would be filthy/rough as fuck.

It’s a yes from me

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